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Recommended popular sightseeing courses※This may change depending on circumstances. Please contact us for details。

Popular sightseeing courses

Dream Japan luxury cruise

Luxury Cruise 6 Days

Tianjin Port, China (departure/arrival) Jeju Island, South Korea  Kobe and Osaka,Japan

【The high point of the trip】
Jeju Island, South Korea&Kobe and Osaka,Japan
Farewell ceremony(Performance and lantern passing by the University of Distribution Sciences Taiko Club)

Dream Japn Okinawa remote island

Okinawa remote Island 8 Days

Ishigaki Island  Kohama Island  Iriomote Island

【The high point of the trip】
Enjoy hotel life at a resort surrounded by coral reefs, an ensemble of sea and sun

Dream Japn golden course North Around

Golden course North Around 6 Days

Tokyo  Karuizawa  Matsumoto  Nagoya  Kansai Airport

【The high point of the trip】
At the Nagano Prefecture Handmade Soba Experience, you can eat the soba you made yourself.
You can experience the good old Japanese traditional culture.

Dream Japn Kansai Around 6 days

Kansai Around 6 Days

World Heritage Sites: Kumano Sanzan and Ise Jingu

【The high point of the trip】
You can take a closer look at the Kumano area of the World Heritage Site.
We will concentrate on sightseeing spots in the Kansai area. Recommended for those who are not satisfied with the regular Golden Course sightseeing.

Dream Japn Medical tourism 6 days

Medical tourism 6 Days

Asakusa, Ueno, Shinjuku, Kabukicho, Kamakura, Hakone

【The high point of the trip】
We will conduct medical tests around Tokyo and visit Kamakura and Hakone Onsen.