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Dream Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a company that is "a company needed by our customers, all for the sake of their smiles", based on the basic philosophy of "Quality first, service first". We are developing our business with the aim of
In carrying out our business and providing services related to our business, various personal information received from customers is an essential element for the continuation of our business activities, and in order to provide services that fully satisfy our customers. It is indispensable and also a valuable asset of our company. We take great care in handling it.
In addition, in order for you to use our company with peace of mind and trust, everyone involved with our company, including our executives and employees, must recognize the importance of personal information and ensure that personal information held by our company is managed appropriately. We will do our best to protect it.

1. We recognize that the personal information we receive from our customers is important, and when handling it, we comply with laws and regulations, administrative agencies, internal policies, and policies and guidelines established by internal regulations.
2. When acquiring personal information from customers, we will clarify the purpose of acquisition, collect information to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose, and use appropriate means.
3. When using your personal information, we will only use it within the scope of the purpose. Please note that in carrying out our work, we may disclose or provide personal information to outsourcing contractors (in the case of providing personal information to outsourcing contractors, this does not constitute disclosure or provision to third parties). In other cases, we will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties unless we have your consent or are required to do so based on laws and regulations.
Four. If we receive an inquiry from a customer regarding personal information, we will respond within a reasonable range (disclosure, correction, deletion, etc.) after confirming the identity of the customer.
Five. Our company implements safety measures for personal information and takes preventive measures against loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information. If there are any deficiencies, we will promptly take corrective action. Additionally, we aim to acquire knowledge and raise awareness of information management within the company, and ensure that information is managed appropriately.
6. In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, we will minimize the damage, promptly disclose the necessary information, and take appropriate measures including measures to prevent recurrence.
7. Our company has established a point of contact for receiving inquiries, complaints, and requests from customers, and will respond promptly and in good faith.
8. We will disseminate this policy regarding personal information protection to our employees, and will make it widely available to society by posting it on our website, etc.

Dream Japan

Enforcement started February 2012

Dream Japan
Askar Asuka

Japan Travel Agents Association
"JATA" Consumer Consultation Office

Name of the “certified personal information protection organization” to which our company belongs and where to submit complaints
If a customer is unable to resolve a complaint regarding personal information with the Company between the parties concerned, the customer may apply to the association listed below for assistance in resolving the complaint.

Japan Travel Agents Association “JATA” Consumer Consultation Office

☎ +81-3-3592-1266

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