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Tianjin Port (China), Jeju Island (South Korea), Kobe&Osaka (Japan)

Luxury cruise

Tianjin Port (China), Jeju Island (South Korea), Kobe&Osaka (Japan)

6 Days


Luxury cruise trip

China Tianjin Port (1st day)
Schedule Day 1
Route China Tianjin Port 18:00 departure Head to Jeju Island, South Korea
Cruise (2nd day)
Schedule Day 2
Route Full day cruise
South Korea Soju Island (3rd day)
Schedule Day 3
Route South Korea Soju Island Tourism
Cruise (4th day)
Schedule Day 4
Route Full day cruise
Japan Kobe&Osaka (5th day)
Schedule Day 5
Arrival in port
Arrive at Kobe Port and prepare tourist information, license plates, etc. (Sightseeing buses and tour guides will be waiting at the port)
Entering port
Welcome Ceremony: Kobe City Fire Boat Launch Ceremony and Kobe City Fire Orchestra Performance Ceremony
Kobe City officials will be on board to welcome you.
The Kobe representative gave a welcome speech, and the Tianjin representative gave a greeting and exchanged souvenirs.
(A professional tour guide will greet guests with a sign)
Departure sightseeing [Osaka Castle Park (Unreachable Castle) Osaka Castle was built in 1586 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a famous warring period commander, and is made of majestic stone walls.The castle tower towering in the center is magnificent with copper inlays and gold leaf, making it very spectacular. It is one of Osaka city's famous tourist spots.
[Nishijin Textile Center] "Eat in Osaka, wear in Kyoto." Since the 15th century, Nishijin, which made a living at the feet of the Emperor, has gathered many weavers and created the magnificent and noble Nishijin-ori. Nishijin-ori is a textile made from dyed silk thread and woven into patterns, and is a world-famous craft representing Japan.
[Mosaic shopping street] You can enjoy the mosaic shopping street by the sea. If you know MOSAIC as Odaiba in Kobe, it is a place that you often visit.
Boarding 20:00~ Return to port and board the ship
Farewell Ceremony: Performance by the University of Distribution Sciences Taiko Club and passing of lanterns
22:00~ the ship leaves the port
Loose (6th day)
Schedule Day 6
Route All day cruise return home

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Jeju Island, Kobe, Osaka Luxury cruise 6 Days

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